8bit Adventures with Link


A new adventure with Link from The Legend of Zelda


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8bit Adventures with Link is a 2D action platformer starring Link from The Legend of Zelda. These new adventures will take him into the depths of a cave full of traps.

You'll begin the game with Link's legendary sword and two other iconic objects from the Nintendo version: the bombs and the boomerang. The sword will help you kill the bad guys, the bombs will blow up obstacles, and the boomerang will activate buttons.

With these three tools, you'll have everything you need to get through all the levels. But you'll also need ingenuity and skill in order to get to the end.

As you could guess from the name, 8bit Adventures with Link uses 8 bits graphics, meaning they are quite simple. However, they have their own unique charm.

8bit Adventures with Link is a very fun action and platform game that fans of the Zelda saga in particular will love.
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